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What Is AHIN?

Advanced Health Information Network is an online Internet portal that provides advanced functionality, which allows physicians and hospitals to manage their business functions more efficiently.

What are the Benefits of AHIN?

AHIN has all the tools you need to manage your claims. Here are a few things that you will be able to do with AHIN: Claim correction, claim status, eligibility lookup, review reports from claims submissions, upload files from your system to AHIN using secure file upload, view fee schedules and code sets, and you can even send Arkansas Medicaid and commercial claims; AHIN will forward these claims to the appropriate players. AHIN allows you to view remittance advices, find old ones, and look at new ones, all without the hassle of managing paper remits.

How AHIN Works

Links to Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, BlueAdvantage and Health Advantage information systems provide access to eligibility, claims, claim statuses, remittance advices, fee schedules and pharmacy pre-authorization information. Links to other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans provide similar access to this information nationwide. A unique feature allows claim submission and online, real-time correction of erred claims regardless of how they were submitted. An interface with the Arkansas Medicaid system allows access to eligibility for this program.

Users access AHIN through a secure Web site using all popular Internet browsers simplifying installation and maintenance. Since AHIN operates in this manner, everything necessary to access the system is already present on most personal computers.

How Do I Get AHIN?

AHIN access is free of charge. To gain access to the system, just complete the following pages. Once we have the necessary information an email will be sent to you explaining what to do next.
In order to proceed with the AHIN online enrollment you must have the following information before proceeding:
Please contact AHIN Customer Support (501) 378-2336 for any questions or help with the enrollment.
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